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Customer's Reviews of Model PDWM8300
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 Name : Kyle
   3/28/2017 7:40:45 AM
   Review : Purchased a PDWM8300 system to use in the boardroom at our facility. The system was replacing our original non wireless system that had cost a few thousand dollars and it is definitely on par as far as audio quality especially for the price. My only issue is one of the microphones only works if you are standing directly in front of the unit.

 Name : Matt
   1/21/2017 10:46:32 AM
   Review : Work pretty well. But may not be scalable with 2 sets

 Name : Daniel
   8/17/2016 11:05:39 AM
   Review : These mics are great. Easy to setup, and simple to use. My only complaint is that one of the microphones was bad straight out of the box. I have yet to start a warranty ticket, I will update this review after it is resolved.

 Name : Dan
   3/24/2014 8:55:52 AM
   Review : I've only used it once sense purchased and worked great.

 Name : Kevin
   6/23/2011 11:05:18 AM
   Review : The product works well, allowing us to customize microphone volume for each microphone individually. Works much better than our omnidirectional microphones.