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Customer's Reviews of Model PTA1000
Average Rating :
 Name : Joe
   10/5/2016 12:16:09 PM
   Review : The amp works fine, easy to use. Does the job.

 Name : Eddie
   4/24/2015 12:53:55 PM
   Review : Sounds great. Using it to power auxiliary monitors in my studio. Very clean and punchy.

 Name : Brennan
   1/29/2015 2:15:42 AM
   Review :

 Name : Peter
   12/9/2014 4:44:30 PM
   Review : I would buy again, perfect if you want to get started in live event audio. Fans are large, so if event venues are small (i.e. large meeting room) then people will hear it.

 Name : Michael
   7/11/2014 1:10:10 PM
   Review : Great amp so far.

 Name : Paul
   5/22/2014 2:57:08 PM
   Review : Ok

 Name : Tammy
   2/17/2014 5:02:34 PM
   Review : Good product for the money

 Name : Mark
   10/8/2013 7:55:27 PM
   Review : This is a great amplifier. It has plenty of power & sounds very clean. I have zero issues with this amp & recommend it highly. It's a lot of bang for the buck.

 Name : Casey
   1/15/2013 5:56:55 PM
   Review : Simple, easy, yet professional on a level that exceeds its price range

 Name : Christian
   1/14/2013 6:03:47 PM
   Review : Love this amp so far good looks need another one and two PA speakers

 Name : Nicholas
   10/1/2012 4:36:06 PM
   Review : Great product

 Name : philippe
   9/17/2012 5:31:29 PM
   Review : i bought this to put in my basement to replace an old busted stereo, im glad i bought this, its sounds great, doesn't distort easily . looks and feels solid. pros: has balanced(xlr) and unbalanced(1/4 inch) inputs has clip and protection indicator to tell you if there's any problems has ground lift stays cool cons: fans always run at 100% would be great if they only turn on when needed the fans are a little loud if your going to run this at a very low volume, but it keeps the internals cool. i would recommend buying an equalizer to tune your system using this amplifier as it makes it sound really awesome

 Name : hakeba
   8/24/2012 7:02:17 PM

 Name : Tony
   3/28/2012 8:14:28 PM
   Review : So far its working excellent, great power and performance sends a lot of power to my speakers and it isnt all the way turned up wow great product for the price!!!!

 Name : Brad
   3/23/2012 8:33:22 PM
   Review : So far my Pyle amps (PTA1000 and 1400) are working great. Using for monitors, horns and mids on a tri-amp pa system playing classic rock in bars

 Name : Grant
   2/5/2012 10:35:31 PM
   Review : i havent had this for long but so far its working great. i use state of the art equipment every day and there is no difference in quality

 Name : christopher
   7/27/2011 3:44:48 PM
   Review : it works fine and is super loud. but came with a dent on the bottom